Verification of client data – legal entity

Pursuant to Act No. 253/2008 Coll., we are obliged, as a payment institution, to obtain, regularly update and verify information about our clients.

The subject of the update regarding our clients which are legal entities is, pursuant to the law, also personal details on the affected categories of individuals, who may affect the governance of the legal entities, in particular:

  • members of the statutory bodies of the company / client
  • persons acting on behalf of the company / client on the basis of a mandate
  • the real owners of the company / client

In order to verify the data about your company as a client in accordance with the relevant provisions of Act No. 253/2008 Coll. we hereby ask you to provide us with copies of valid identity documents of all the aforementioned persons for your company. The copies may be sent collectively, as well as individually – per person.

For citizens of the Czech Republic, please use an identity card. For foreign nationals, please ensure that the identity document contains following:

  • photography of face

  • name of the person

  • date and place of birth

  • address of permanent residence

  • information about citizenship

  • information about the authority, which issued the document

  • date of validity of the document

This website is operated by Diners Club CS, s.r.o. The transmission of the data into our secured infrastructure is protected by the SSL cryptographic protocol. The received personal data will be processed to comply with the aforementioned legal obligations and are protected at the level of a bank secret. More details about the processing of personal data can be found at our website.

Step 1

Step 2/A - photography

Please take a photograph of Identification Document by the camera on the mobile device. Please ensure that all information on the document are readable. If you have at your disposal files containing a copy of the current Identification Document, please upload these files directly in Step 2/B.

Add person

Step 2/B – File upload

Alternatively you can send us copy of the Identification Document in a digital file. Please upload files containing the copy of the front, as well as the reverse side of the Identification Document. Please ensure that the resolution is sufficient and all the information on the document are readable.

Step 3

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